Care Instructions

Caring for your new jewellery is easy and important.
Please store in a dry place, preferably on display, especially our dangle range.
Please do not wear in water. Exposure to water can impact the life of your jewellery.
Use a damp cloth to wipe over resin, do NOT submerge under water.
Avoid exposure to alcohols, especially perfumes, as this may cloud your resin finished jewellery.
Tassels can be easily neatened by brushing with your fingers.
For hygienic reasons returns will not be accepted for change of mind.
Returns will not be granted for jewellery not looked after.

I use raw brass as a medium in my jewellery. As it's a raw material it will tarnish over time. This happens due to the natural oils in our skin and it will
the amount of time it takes will differ to everyone. If you would like to polish it to make it shinny again, use a q-tip with a little Brasso on it and wipe with a clean soft cloth. You will see the residue come off and it will look like new. Please avoid getting Brasso on the clay.